Award Recipients

2019 – 2020

Golden Gavel Award

The Golden Gavel Award is given to a member who has not practiced law for a period longer than 10 years. Recognized by significant achievement within their area of practice, community, and the advancement of “young attorneys”. Established in 2005, the Golden Gavel...

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Volunteer of the Year Award

In recognition of his/her generous and enthusiastic contributions to the mission and goals of MDTC. 2019 RecipientR. Paul VanceCline, Cline & Griffin, PCpvance@ccglawyers.comPrior Recipients 2018 John Mucha, III2017 Carson J. Tucker2016 Kimberlee A....

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Respected Advocate Award (RAA)

Every year MDTC and MAJ each present a "Respected Advocate Award." The MDTC annually gives the award to a member of the plaintiff's bar for the purpose of recognizing and honoring the individual's history of successful representation of clients and adherence to the...

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Presidents’ Special Recognition Award

In recognition of their tireless and exceptional leadership and extraordinary contributions to the mission and goals of MDTC.2019 RecipientCline, Cline & Griffin PCccglawyers.comPrior Recipients 2018 Michael J. Cook2017 Legal Copy Services2016 Hewson...

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MDTC John P. Jacobs Appellate Advocacy Award

In 2017, the Michigan Defense Trial Counsel (MDTC) established a new, major prestigious award entitled MDTC’s “John P. Jacobs Appellate Advocacy Award”. The award is designed to honor those civil appellate attorneys who have over a number of years, through their...

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Excellence In Defense Award

Established in 1992, the Annual Michigan Defense Trial Counsel (MDTC) "Excellence in Defense Award" is designed to honor those civil defense counsel who have over a number of years through their professionalism, intelligence, creativity, judgment, personality,...

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DRI Award

DRI would like to honor those individuals who have supported and improved the standards and education of the defense bar by recognizing their contributions of the improvement of the administration of justice in the public interest.

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Judicial Award

This award commends judges for their service to and on behalf of the civil bar, the legal profession, and the public. It was established to recognize judges who have demonstrated the highest standards of judicial excellence in the pursuit of justice, while...

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