Golden Gavel Award


Genavieve Lee

2024 Recipient

Genavieve Lee,
Novara Tesija McDonald & Baas PLLC

The Golden Gavel Award is given to a member who has not practiced law for a period longer than 10 years. Recognized by significant achievement within their area of practice, community, and the advancement of “young attorneys”.

Established in 2005, the Golden Gavel Award is presented annually to a member of the MDTC’s Young Lawyers Section who exemplifies significant contribution to professionalism and courtesy in the practice of law and by promoting the image and honorable reputation of the profession. The award recognizes achievement within the member’s area of practice as evidenced by their knowledge, skill and advocacy, as well as their community involvement or pro bono representation and charitable endeavors. The award further recognizes leadership and advancement of the image of the recipient’s peers by way of mentoring, awards, civic leadership or otherwise.



Previous Recipients

2023 Kyle C. Kamidoi, Garan Lucow Miller PC and Nicole C. Joseph-Windecker, Foley Baron Metzger & Juip PLLC

2022 Troy Brandon Ayers, Amerisure

2021  Morgan D. Schut, Fink Bressack

2020  Javon L. Williams, Secrest Wardle

2019 Samantha J. Orvis, Garan Lucow Miller PC

2018 Kyle N. Smith, Collins Einhorn Farrell PC

2017 John C.W. Hohmeier, Scarfone & Geen PC

2016 Paul D. Hudson, Miller Canfield

2016 Amber L. Girbach, Hewson & Van Hellemont PC

2015 Liza C. Moore, Foster Swift Collins & Smith PC

2014 Doron Yitzchaki, Dickinson Wright PLLC

2013 Joseph E. Richotte, Butzel Long

2012 Pamela C. Dausman, Foster Swift Collins & Smith PC

2011 Brittany M. Schultz, Dykema Gossett PLLC

2010 Andrew Blodgett, Smith Haughey, Rice and Roegge

2009 Emily M. Ballenberger, Plunkett Cooney

2009 Nicole L. Proulx, Fraser, Trebilcock, Davis & Dunlap PC

2008 Nicholas G. Even, Bowman and Brooke

2007 David C. Anderson, Collins, Einhorn, Farrel & Ulanoff

2006 Jana M. Berger, Foley & Mansfield PLLP

2005 Lincoln G. Herweyer, Lincoln G. Herweyer PC