John P. Jacobs Appellate Advocacy Award


Tim Diemer

2024 Recipient

In 2017, the Michigan Defense Trial Counsel (MDTC) established a new, major prestigious award entitled MDTC’s “John P. Jacobs Appellate Advocacy Award”. The award is designed to honor those civil appellate attorneys who have over a number of years, through their integrity; professionalism; experience; intelligence; creativity; judgment; personality; sensitivity; civility; writing and advocacy skills; community involvement efforts to educate young attorneys; support for the defense bar; consideration and support for the less fortunate of our society; and the vigorous ethical representation of their clients both in and outside the courtroom, displayed themselves to the best of the very best in appellate advocacy in state and federal courts within and outside of Michigan. Appropriately, this award has been named in honor of one of the finest appellate counsel in Michigan’s history, who had, over his more than 43 years in practice, earned the respect, admiration, and reputation of being one of the most creative, aggressive, ethical and caring appellate lawyers, not only in our state, but throughout the country. His numerous appellate victories in some of the most notable and largest civil matters has brought accolades from not only state and federal appellate judges within our state, but also those outside of our state, along with long-time well respected counsel who also specialize in this very, very important aspect of the legal profession and Michigan’s legendary defense trial counsel.
Tim Diemer
Jacobs and Diemer PC

Previous Recipients


2022 Dan S. Saylor, Garan Lucow Miller PC

2020 Susan H. Zitterman, Kitch Drutchas Wagner Valitutti & Sherbrook

2018 John P. Jacobs, Jacobs and Diemer PC *


* Deceased