Best Article Award


Deborah L. Brouwer, Anna S. Kozak

2023 Recipients

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Deborah L. Brouwer,
Nemeth Bonnette Brouwer PC


Anna S. Kozak,
Keller Thoma

The Quarterly is organized by volume. There are four issues in each volume, typically published in June, October, January, and April. Each issue is generally comprised of articles and reports. Only articles will qualify for consideration. One article from each volume will be selected for the Best Article Award.
In May each year, the editor and associate editors will select the three finalists from the four issues in the prior volume. If the editor or an associate editor wrote an article that was published in those issues, they are excluded from participating in the selection. Once the editors have selected three articles, they are sent to three current Michigan judges who select the Best Article Award recipient. The selection process for the editors and judges may be collaborative. If they cannot agree on the finalists or award recipient, each editor or judge will score each article under consideration on a scale of 1-5 for each criteria listed below. The scores for each article will be added together to determine the three highest scores for the finalists or the final score for the award recipient. Multiple award recipients are permitted if the judges’ scoring results in a tie. The award will be announced in September, and presented at the Winter Meeting.
The editors and judges will consider the following criteria when selecting finalists and the award recipient:
  • Timeliness — Does the article address a novel issue or developing area of the law?
  • Originality — Does the article offer a unique perspective on an issue?
  • Organization — Does the article follow a logical progression?
  • Writing Style — Is the writing clear, succinct, and understandable? Is it engaging?


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