Facilitator Database


Below is a list of facilitators recommended by the members of the MDTC. If there is someone you would like to add someone to the list, please send an email to info@mdtc.org with your recommendation containing the member’s name, email, phone, and areas of practice along with your complete contact information. If you wish to be added to the database, you must have another member complete the above instructions.

Facilitator Database



Contact Information

Member to Contact

Robert B. Aardema

Civil Litigation, Personal Injury, Medical Malpractice, Auto Negligence, Premises Liability, Errors & Omissions

Steven L. Barney

Civil Litigation

Robert F. Best

Medical Malpractice

Thomas R. Bowen

Employment, Personal Injury Defense, Products Liability, Insurance Defense, General Tort Defense, Credit Unions, Trucking/Transportation, Construction Litigation

William J. Brickley

First and third party civil lawsuits, e.g. auto negligence, premises liability, property loss, products liability, no-fault/PIP, insurance coverage (general or commercial policies), employment, and civil rights.

(810) 287-1119

Michael Butler

Personal Injury Litigation & Civil Cases


(734) 776-0231

Matthew J. Coffey

General Civil, Auto, including PIP and Commercial


(989) 791-7060

Daniel Collison

Personal Injury Litigation & Civil Cases

Tom Cooper

Construction law, commercial litigation, no-fault, motor vehicle negligence, personal injury litigation, premises liability

James L. Dalton

Civil Litigation

Brendan R. Dennis

PIP and third-party auto, Property, Premises Liability, General Civil


Peter Dunlap

Employment Law, Civil Litigation, Professional Malpractice,
Personal Injury & Premises Liability

(517) 230-5014



Joseph M. Fordney

Employment Law, Medical Malpractice
& Third and First Party Automobile Negligence.

(989) 791-7060

Edward Freeland

Defense Attorney

Philip Grashoff Jr.

Environmental Law, Agriculture Law, Alternative Dispute Resolution, Appellate Law, Business Law Services, Commercial Litigation Services & Insurance Coverage and Litigation.

(248) 520-0257

Ahmed Hassouna

Medical Malpractice, Personal Injury, Premises & Commercial Liability, No-Fault, Auto Negligence, Dog Bite, Toxic Tort, & Subrogation Matters

(248) 354-0380  ext. 725

Amy P. Hathaway

Medical Malpractice

Gregory E. Hoelscher

Insurance Defense Litigation, ADR, First-Party No-Fault (PIP), Third Party Automobile Negligence

C. Mark Hoover

Auto Negligence, No-Fault Insurance, Business Court LitigationGeneral Liability Insurance, Insurance Coverage, Legal Malpractice, Commercial Transactions, and Estates and Trust Litigation

William W. Jack

Personal Injury, Emplowyment, Business Disputes and Dissolutions, Legal Malpractice, meducal Malpractive, Insurance Law, Products Liability, Municipal Disputes, Prisoner Cases, Civil Cases

(616) 774-8000

David A. Kanaan

Personal Injury

(248) 651-2990

Hon. Michael Labeau (Retired)

Medical Malpractice

(248) 663-7724



David Landry

Personal Injury Litigation & Civil Cases

Mona K. Majzoub

Medical malpractice, hospital liability, health care, personal injury, employment, products liability, contracts, intellectual property, municipal liability, Federal Claims Act, Section 1983 cases, mortgage and lender liability, environmental noncompliance claims, and mass tort litigation.

(313) 565-1938

Daniel P. Makarski

Medical Malpractice, General Liability, Negligence, Personal Injury, Premises Liability, Municipal Liability.

Paula Manis

Medical Malpractice

E. Thomas McCarthy

Personal Injury, Professional Malpractice, Civil Rights, Employment Cases

Cell: 616-293-9046
Direct: 616-458-9224

Mark Mueller

Insurance Defense, General Civil Litigation, First and Third Party Automobile, Insurance Coverage Issues, Construction Litigation, Premises Liability, Recreational Vehicle Litigation

Judge William Murphy (Retired)

Civil Litigation, General Liability, Negligence, Personal Injury, No Fault, Premises Liability & Employment Law

(616) 776-7552

Bruce Neckers

Mediation, Dispute Resolution and Litigation Services, Family Law & Divorce

Daniel Palmer

Auto/PIP, Insurance, Alternative Dispute Resolution

Edward P. Perdue

General Civil Litigation, No Fault, Labor & Employment, Commercial Litigation, Other Insurance Litigation, Class Actions, & Mass Tort

Robert F. Riley

Medical Malpractice

Brian Robillard

Insurance Defense, primarily no-fault claims and automobile negligence claims.

Judge Daniel Ryan (Retired)

General liability, Negligence, Personal Injury, Premises Liability, Municipal Liability, Medical Malpractice, Business Litigation.

William C. Schaefer

Commercial Litigation, Contract Claims, Business Related Disputes, Alternative Dispute Resolution, Arbitration, Personal Injury – Defense

(248) 649-6000

John M. Sier

Mediation of presuit and pending matters, including multi-party cases, involving commercial, healthcare and construction issues

(313) 965-2914

Sheldon J. Stark

Medical Malpractice

John C. Stevenson

Insurance Defense

Scott A. Storey

Personal Injury, Commercial, Business, Professional Malpractice, Energy, Environmental, Insurance, Construction, Products and Real Estate

Ronald K. Weiner

Auto/No-Fault, Medical Malpractice, Nursing Home/Assisted Living, General Negligence

Martin Weisman

Negligence Law, Product liability, PIP & Insurance Coverage

Jay Yelton

Discovery Mediation and Special Master, Commercial Litigation, Employment and Civil Rights, Landlord Tenant and Real Estate