Amicus Committee


Committee Members

Lindsey A. Peck, Chair
Drew Broaddus
Eric P. Conn
Jesse DePauw
Phil DeRosier
J. Scot Garrison
Michael Geraughty
John C.W. Hohmeier
Grant O. Jaskulski
Jonathan Koch
James Poll
David Porter
Adam Ratliff
Nathan S. Scherbarth
Carson J. Tucker




The Co-Chairs are responsible for ensuring the quality of the amicus briefs as well as their adherence to positions consistent with the MDTC perspective. This committee is a special committee which is governed by and which reports directly to, the officers of the organization.

  1. Follow up with Supreme Court to make sure MDTC is invited to submit on briefs of interest and find out why, in some cases, they are not invited and should have been.
  2. Recommendations from the committee shall come from committee co-chairs not employed by the firm writing the brief.
  3. Filing jointly with any other organization/institution is not to be done without prior approval of the MDTC Executive Committee

The term to serve on this committee is four years. Succession of new chairs is made by the appointment when an early vacancy occurs or when the Executive Committee feels it is necessary.