Honorable Paul Denenfeld

17th Circuit Court

  • Always be on time for hearings, and if you’re running late, call. Our court is busy, with full dockets, and lateness or, worse, not showing up at all, is not appreciated.
  • If a motion refers to previous orders or documents, attach them to the moWon or brief. Lawyers may be under the mistaken impression that all court files are sitting in a judge’s office. They’re not, they’re likely in the clerk’s office, and it’s a hassle to retrieve them. Make the judge’s work easier by attaching any and all relevant documents and unpublished opinions to which you cite.
  • Always bring your court rules to court. When the judge wants to discuss rules at the hearing, and a lawyer doesn’t have the rules and thus cannot read along with you to intelligently respond, it makes you look bad and irritates the judge.
  • Be courteous, to the court and other counsel. Nastiness in a motion hearing or a trial will turn off the decider (judge or jury) and harm your client (who you may be trying to impress).