Honorable Patrick McGraw

Saginaw County Probate Court

  • Be civil to opposing counsel. Amping up the temperature does not help your cause.
  • Avoid interrupting opposing counsel or the judge. Be paSent. Listen.
  • Avoid the ‘smirks” or other fidgeting movements or expressions. It only annoys the Judge and parSes.
  • When asked by the Judge if there is any other questions, for example for redirect or cross, NEVER say, “ Yes your Honor, Just ONE more question!” Because it never is one more question and then it becomes a matter of taking up time for a recess or witness when the ONE question becomes 20 minutes!
  • Mark all exhibits prior to hearings, moSons or trials so as not to waste court time and witness time. Bring copies for the court and parSes. Arrange a time with the reporter to do so, he/she appreciates that too.