Honorable Deborah Ford

36th District Court

When I was a new, and not so new lawyer, I watched motions and hearings while I waited for my case to be called. Additionally, once I saw or knew a lawyer I admired was in the building I made it my business to watch him, or her, in ac\on. On days when I had no cases, I went to court and watched my favorite. Also, I tried to figure out why certain lawyers kept winning, no matter what the fact pattern. I asked one lawyer he said” you’re not a real surgeon un\l you repeatedly save those near death!” He’s right. Study lawyers for those formulas. As to judges, watch their body language and listen to them, when they NEED certain information, or direct honest answers to their questions, give it to them, without making it a tooth extraction. Don’t use “with all due respect,” as an opportunity to do whatever you want, and pay attention to the judge when they’ve had enough.