Webinar: Adapting Your Business Development During COVID-19


Jim Staples

David H. Freeman, J.D.


Held Thursday, May 26th, 2020.

Lawyers have suddenly been thrust into a world where many commonly used techniques for business development are not available, such as client visits, in-house presentations, lunches, attending conferences, and speaking on live panels.

Many lawyers don’t know how to adapt to this new environment or understand how to mine for the gold that lies within it. They need a fresh mindset and new approaches to establish their place in this unfolding new reality.

This 45-minute webinar will help lawyers re-frame their thinking on how to engage with their contacts. The program starts with a perspective shift and then presents scores of practical tips for interacting with firm lawyers, clients, prospects, and referrals sources in ways that can lead to opportunities now and in the future.

Topics include:

  • The need to develop different ways to engage in business development
  • The gift within the turmoil
  • Overcoming the reluctance to reach out
  • Developing new measures
  • Tapping into your network
  • Engaging in “cross-helping”
  • Accessing your allies
  • Techniques for making contact
  • Approaches for maintaining momentum