Author: Kyle Platt

Attending an event can be a great experience, but registration can get complicated at times. Finding the form online or in an email, printing it, filling it out, writing a check, finding an envelope, putting a stamp on it … and the list continues. In this day and age, registration does not have to be this time consuming. Eventbrite is a company that strives to make event registration easier for everyone. Eventbrite is able to provide better credit-card processing, group transactions, and ease of event registration.

How many people today use a credit or debit card? The majority of the people reading this likely have at least one. Those credit/debit cardholders have also more than likely made some type of transaction online. With online shopping, electronic billing, and millions of mobile apps available, there seems to be some helpful use for everyone on the internet. Eventbrite makes it easy and very secure to register for an event online with a credit or debit card. No need to worry about sending your credit-card information through the mail and checking often to make sure it processed. The Eventbrite form will take your information securely and process the card right away. For those skeptical of using a credit/debit card online, the form can be filled out online and a check can be sent by mail.

Does your firm or company like to attend conferences and events together? If the business is paying for all of the employees’ attendance fees, Eventbrite will make this extremely easy. Simply select the amount of people going and it will combine all the registration forms into one form that will only need one credit-card transaction. This means less time on your part signing up and less work for your business’s accounting department.

Eventbrite was built to make event registration as easy as possible for everyone. Americans live a fast paced life, and when tasks like signing up for a conference can be taken care of at convenient times, it makes life just a little easier. Eventbrite has removed the traditional pen-and-envelope style of registration. You can sign up for an event in the back of a taxi or when you’re laying down in bed and know immediately that you are all setup to attend that event. Eventbrite is an awesome software that the MDTC is looking forward to using regularly. Hopefully your excitement will be just as high because the goal is to make every MDTC member’s experience as great as possible. Look for events that are going to start using Eventbrite!