Judicial Law Clerk Wanted

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Third Judicial Circuit of Michigan

Judicial Law Clerk – Honorable Leslie Kim Smith (Civil Division)

Third Judicial Circuit of Michigan


Judicial Law Clerk

Job Type:
Full Time

• Experience conducting legal research using Westlaw, Lexis, and available legal resources.
• Writing Sample

Education Level:
• Graduate of an accredited law school with a GPA of 3.0 or higher.
• An active member in good standing of the State Bar of Michigan.

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Application Procedure:
Official application forms must be received no later than 4:30 p.m. on the last day of this announcement. Applications will only be accepted submitted from the following website: http://www.3rdcc.org/job-postings

Description of Work:

Under limited supervision of a Judge, assists the Judge in making sure the Court room operates efficiently and effectively; processes routine legal paper work and correspondence; reviews, studies and researches laws, court decisions, documents, opinions, briefs, and orders.

• Researches legal issues in response to motions before the Court.
• Conducts legal research as assigned, drafts summary of findings; drafts proposed legal memoranda, documents, and opinions.
• Reviews complaints, petitions, motions or pleadings that have been filed to determine issues involved or basis for relief.
• Compiles references on laws and decisions necessary for legal determinations.
• Attends court sessions to hear oral arguments or records necessary case information.
• Follows up initial work with additional research after discussion with or at the request of the Judge.