Public Policy Committee

The Michigan Defense Trial Counsel strives to advance the interests of civil defense litigators while promoting the fair and efficient administration of justice for their clients. To serve these goals, the Public Policy Committee will strive to educate MDTC members and governmental policy makers regarding issues of importance to civil defense practice, and promote the adoption of beneficial changes in the law.


  • The Committee Chair will communicate with the Executive Committee regarding Bills of potential interest to MDTC’s membership.

  • Upon the direction of or approval by [the Board/the EC] the Committee shall correspond with the Governor, Legislators, and/or other key policy makers and staff within the executive, legislative and judicial branches of government regarding legislation or rules of interest to MDTC and its members.

  • Upon the direction of or approval by [the Board/the EC], the Committee members, or other MDTC members appointed by the Committee, the Board or the EC, shall represent MDTC at committee hearings for relevant matters.

  • Upon the direction of or approval by [the Board/the EC], the Committee shall determine and communicate positions on proposed legislation, courts rules and administrative rules, as appropriate for the preservation and advancement of the legal system and the interests of MDTC’s members.

  • The Committee will invite legislative leaders to events and board meetings.

  • The Committee will distribute the MDTC Quarterly and E-news to “lawyer legislators”

    and other key governmental policy makers.

    Committee Members

    Graham Crabtree
    MDTC Executive Committee Mark Gilchrist

    As of the November 4, 2010 Board Meeting Drafted 11/11/2010:PCK revision 2-3-11

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