General Liability

Section Chair:

Anthony D. Pignotti

The purpose of the General Liability Section is to improve the claim and trial abilities of our members, through the exchange of talents, current case law, trial techniques/strategy, and legislative proposals as they relate to the transportation field and governmental safety involvements, in order to represent the defense in a manner that is equitable and ethical.

The purposes of the General Liability Section are to disseminate information and promote the exchange of ideas relating to the defense of premises liability lawsuits. This includes not only traditional premises liability claims based upon negligent construction or maintenance, but also liability claimed to arise out of the operation of escalators and elevators, false arrest and imprisonment and acts of third parties including criminal activity.

The General Liability Section facilitates the promotion and exchange of information and ideas relating to all aspects of defending products and premises liability lawsuits. Members prepare and disseminate scholarly articles, newsletters, case law updates and other written materials used in conjunction with oral presentations for the education of the membership at large. The substantive and procedural issues include pre-trial and post-trial discovery, trial strategy and technique, settlement strategy, client relations, and ethics, as each relates to product defect and product warning matters.

U.S. District Court For The Western District of Michigan

The U.S. District Court For The Western District of Michigan website is a valuable legal resource for information, such as: The Local Rules of Practice and Procedure (as well as recent amendments), Standard Civil Jury Instructions, electronic filing, attorney and juror information, courtroom technology and court forms.

The information on this website is for general information purposes only. Nothing on this site should be taken as legal advice for any individual case or situation.

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